Remembering Bailey the Beagle

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Woodland Ridge Community Spotlight Bailey the Beagle
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Bailey the beagle, was a mainstay at Woodland Ridge for the past four years. She was a rescue dog that came to live with Kathryn Trice, our Activity Director in November of 2015. From the start, Bailey loved to be with people and get some petting, and she was always ready for a belly rub!

She had a few bad habits of trying to eat everything but greatly improved over the years. Bailey loved our Tuesday morning pet visits and was always happy to go along to the living room to see what activity we were doing and lay on the rug or sofa nearby. We did lunchtime walks around the Ridgeview campus, which led to her picture on their brochure. This is what led Bailey to be officially trained to become a certified therapy dog! 

We completed the testing in June, and Bailey was certified by July, starting visits at Wellstar Cobb Hospital in September and Ridgeview cottage F in October. Bailey loved the attention, although her most difficult command to follow was “leave it.” She managed to do this for the testing, but still loved it when residents would leave crumbs or her favorite popcorn pieces on the floor.

On Wednesday, October 9th, Bailey did a visit to cottage F and later had trouble walking to the car when it was time to go home; she passed away later that day, peacefully and surrounded by loved ones. We’re grateful for the four years we had with her and glad her last days were full of petting and loving attention. Bailey was so loved by our community that our residents requested she be highlighted as Woodland Ridge’s Resident of the Month! All of our residents will miss her as she left a stamp at Woodland Ridge with her smiles and wagging tail, she was a part of our community, and she will be greatly missed!