When it comes to maintaining your health, taking care of your nutrition is one of the top priorities. However, as people get older, they may require help to eat healthfully. Luckily, there are numerous options that you, your senior loved ones, or even a third party can do to help with this. Importance of Nutrition Read More

As we age, more severe health problems start to become more common. Unfortunately, the most common tend to regard brain health rather than a physical health problem. Issues like cognitive impairment or memory impairment can be caused by many sources. Some of these causes can be reversed with treatment. However, some, like Alzheimer’s, can only Read More

Anxiety is, unfortunately, common in older adults. According to the Geriatric Mental Health Foundation, the numbers of affected adults can range from 10 to 20 percent of all older Americans. This anxiety is the most common mental health problem among adult women and the second most among adult men. At Woodland Ridge, we know that Read More

Meet real life Iron Man Lew Hollander. He’s the oldest man on the planet to contend in an Iron Man… ever! Throughout the previous three years, he’s been setting records each time he has laced up and raced an iron man. He’s the most seasoned individual that ever lived to finish the accomplishment. An iron Read More

Dementia. Alzheimer’s disease. Cognitive decline. Scary realities our society is struggling with today, both as caregivers and in the scientific and medical communities. Since lifespans are on the rise, so are the incurable diseases associated with aging. One recent study suggested 13.9% of individuals 71 years and older suffer from some form of dementia. As Read More

November is National Family Caregivers Month, an annual observance to raise awareness of family caregiver issues and increase support of caregivers. This observance may not seem to be directly safety-related, but the added stress that your workers may feel from their caregiving responsibilities at home may lead to increased unsafe acts in the workplace. So Read More

A Japanese research team has succeeded in curbing a protein associated with Alzheimer’s disease using genetically modified rice, raising hopes for the development of new oral medicines. The brains of Alzheimer’s disease patients contain deposits called senile plaques, formed by a type of protein known as beta amyloid. It is believed that an accumulation of Read More