Adline Ani – February Employee of the Month

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Woodland Ridge Adline Ani February Spotlight
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Congratulations to Woodland Ridge‘s February Employee of the Month, Adline Ani!

Adeline is originally from Nigeria and came to the United States in 2012. She is from a large family, having two brothers and four sisters.

Adline said when she was young, she loved to stay around her grandmother. She would stay with her and loved to be with her in the evening when she would tell stories. Her grandmother was around 80 years old at the time and shared stories of the civil war in their country. She helped to take care of her grandmother when she got older and needed more help. She also took care of her mother and says this was when her love of caring for others started.

Adline has been at Woodland Ridge since 2016 and has a close friend as a coworker, but she says, “I am close to all my colleagues.” When asked about her hobbies or what she likes to do for fun, she said that she loves to read books, especially the Bible.

Before she began her work as a CNA five years ago, Adline ran a business selling spices for use in cooking. Her cooking is so good that the staff eagerly await the dishes she brings in to share. Adline has two children, a son who is 35 years old and a daughter who is 21. She also has one grandchild.

When she’s not working, Adline says she likes to have fun. She says her favorite thing to do is go to work. She told us, “I try to make my residents happy whenever I’m around them.”

This excellent attitude is why Adline is Woodland Ridge‘s February Employee of the Month. Congratulations, Adline!

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