Old-Fashioned Romance

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Old-Fashioned RomanceIn this age of online dating and electronic connections, it may be hard for some to imagine an old-fashioned romance. How did people meet and fall in love before cupid’s arrow was launched from the worldwide web? Grandma and grandpa most certainly met offline, and they sure do have some great stories! We asked residents at Woodland Ridge Assisted Living & Memory Care to tell us how they met the loves of their lives. Here’s what they had to say.

Location, location, location! It’s not just important in real estate, but it’s important in finding love as well. After all, before the days of meeting folks online across the globe, people met face to face. For many of our residents, meeting their true love happened when neighbors and friends had visitors. Ruth told us that she met her husband when he visited some of his relatives who lived near her. Her parents were very protective of their baby girl, though, so it wasn’t a whirlwind romance. Her husband-to-be had to win over her parents after winning her heart.

Uncle Sam wants you! For other residents, the military played a part in bringing two lovers together. Beverly, like many spouses of men in the military, got married sooner than expected when her fiancé’s orders were changed and he was about to be sent overseas. Wilma went to a USO dance where there were many men in uniform. One gentleman in particular paid her special interest, but she says he was far too sure of himself and she wasn’t impressed at all. He was persistent, though, and once he calmed down a bit, she was smitten.

Whistle while you work! Some of our residents met their loves at work. Gladys tells us that her husband worked in a separate part of the same mill where she worked. He kept asking people to go talk to her for him. She quickly grew tired of having him send messengers, though, and sent her own message back: if he was interested in her, he better speak for himself!

Fender bender! Believe it or not, one of our residents fell in love after a fender bender! Jackie and her girlfriends had gone to Callaway Gardens for the weekend, and, while they were there, they’d met a couple of boys. Of course, the boys had flirted with them the whole weekend, and one of the boys had sparked a special interest in Jackie. As the girls were leaving to head home to Atlanta, the boys followed. Jackie’s friend was driving a convertible, and the boys kept yelling at them and begging them to pull over and talk to them. When the girls refused to pull over, Jackie’s future husband asked his friend to bump the girls’ car in the rear end. And the plan worked! The car was fine, and a romance began. Jackie ended up started dating the boy soon after, and they eventually married.