Grandparent’s Day

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Grandparents’ Day

September 13, 2015

Woodland Ridge Assisted Living residents and family celebrated Grandparents’ Day this year by celebrating our residents’ legacies. Activities Director Kathryn Trice gathered questions to prompt our residents to write about their lives. They were prompted to write about their early years growing up and about their school years. Residents also told about their romances and marriage and included funny stories and reflections on their lives. Some talked about their work or hobbies or places they visited. Special family traditions and life blessings and events for which our residents are especially grateful also featured prominently in their life stories.

Family members joined some of our residents in filling out their life stories, and family members learned things about their loved ones they may not have known before. The stories can be handed down to future generations in celebration of each person’s full and rich life. These treasures will certainly be family favorites for a very long time.